SOX Contracting for non-CPAs? 45

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  • You did some Y2K…listened to Kathleen…and now you call yourself a consultant ? :?

  • Tough crowd.
    The part about Lots of IT process control and Metrics and Quality Assurance , represents international consulting from 1986 to 2004. Before that, IT management from 1978 - 1986, and before that various programming and V-and-V projects starting in 1965. So lots of IT experience before Y2K, plus lots of consulting work before and after, including internal and external IT audit, and software process improvement, but no CPA.
    The question is whether or not Sarbanes-Oxley projects are hiring experienced IT consultants with relevant experience, who aren’t CPAs.

  • Look…
    If you present yourself this way you might get some contracting jobs…
    Advertise yourself in this way instead of your first try… 😄
    I think it is a good hint to get in touch with some big firms in the compliance bizz and offer them your service to be of their assistance instead of trying to get in with the customers directly…
    Most of those firms lack the knowledge of IT-problems…
    Good luck…

  • Good idea, thanks. :idea: :.:

  • Anytime… 😄

  • Norm,
    I am also in Jersey City. I am working on a Sarbanes-Oxley project. Might be interesting to get together.

  • Deacon -
    Since the last posting, I’ve found possible SOX engagements with Big 5 auditing, supplementing their staff, and one client preparing for SOX audits - they both considered my IT audit background more than enough to help with Section 404 work.
    BTW, his the client’s reaction to claims of SOX experience was, ‘malarky’ - he said it was all too new. He’s an IT guy, but with a CPA background. I’m just passing along what he said to me - I don’t discount the value of actual SOX project experience - even a couple of months seems to make a big difference to clients.
    - Norm

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