Tech Writer with SOX experience _and_amp; IT abilities 126

  • I am a technical writer with Sarbanes-Oxley documentation experience. I offer affordable rates for mid-sized to smaller companies who need assistance with their SOX compliance.
    I can offer the following in the area of documentation: Project Analysis, Writing, Editing, and Formatting.
    I can also offer IT support in the form of Software Consulting.
    Training Development and Training Delivery are also services I can deliver.
    These services can be utilized individually to help you complete your project, or can be combined into a package of services.
    The only limitation is that I restrict my job area to central and south Texas: Houston, Austin, Galveston, and San Antonio areas.
    I have found many companies to have mistakenly interpreted SOX, Section 404 to pertain only to accounting and financials; however, full compliance involves the documenting of all policies and procedures having to do with any business processes that have a material impact on corporate financial statements, such as, IT, human resources/human capital management, logistics, and marketing.
    Companies need to keep in mind that the documentation created must communicate accurately controls and procedures. When this documentation is checked (also setforth by SOX) the writing must clearly express what the company is doing, therefore, a writer is needed, not just an auditor.
    Please feel free to contact my office at: 713-681-8302
    Colleen Walker
    Houston, Texas

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