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  • I know of a very good software tool that is available as a free, fully documented 30 day demo for Windows or iSeries/AS400.
    Website is under construction so contact me and I will send you a copy.
    Dave Colborne
    Control Compliance Group, Inc.

  • Good luck with Sarbanes product selection process.
    Being an auditor, I have seen our client using various types of Software tools. Some of the key decision points that would help you to filter out many choices you may have currently. Some of them could be:

    1. DO you have an Intenal Audit team that is currently in place?
    2. Do you have a entity wide Risk Assessment exercise in place?
    3. Do you have history of conducting Internal Controls Documentation and evaluations in the past?
    4. What types of source documents/data feeds do you plan to provide to the Sarbanes-Package? and what formats are they in?
    5. Does you Mgmt would like to see Entity wide project plans and progress reports on the Sarbanes - say in a portal environment?
    6. Does your Audit Commities/Mgmt prefers a Work flow based/ Graphic Rich tools with say graphs/auto messaging etc?
    7. Who are your external Auditors and what do they have to say about your current reporting abilities /what would they like to see/get from your internal audit teams?
      8 ) What is the implementation time frame/ what kind of budgets you are looking at?
      and I am sure there could be more. I am not expecting answeres from you…these are just few ques for you to start thinking over on.
      In my experience I have seen companies using - just Excel Spread sheets, Risk Control Matrices, Client server based simple tools, Web portals and heavy hitters - with data Conversion, work flow, email integrated etc.
      The range could be from The Zero Cost solution to ( Excel based) to USD500,000 to a USD1M.
      Some of the reputed names in this space is:
    8. Open pages
    9. Kilcalre
    10. Paisley
    11. Knowledge Leader
    12. IBM/Documentum etc
    13. Netvwiz (more so on IT Documentation)
      I would suggest that you develop comparitive analysis document with all potential vendors, features, priority, price, support etc.
      Feel free to contact me if you have any questions
      Madhav Vedula CISA*
      Sr.Internal Auditor

  • Does anyone have input on Certus?

  • Actually Certus is one of our 2 ‘Finalists’ (along with the Microsoft SOX Accelerator). We have met with Certus numerous times and have talked with a couple of their clients. Pricey, but we think they have a good product that would definitely fit our needs.
    Does anyone have input on Certus?

  • In addition to looking at Certus, I suggest investigating Movaris, which has strong configurable workflow

  • To be honest,
    if your year end is 10/31/05 I would not even bother with a software solution. You will not make it in time.
    Think about the time it requires to

    1. purchase the software
    2. purchase the hardware
    3. install the software
    4. configure it to your needs
    5. train the users
    6. all the SOX requirements for performing task 1-5
      Not sure how big your company is but this is not the year to do it.
      my client bought movaris and i have recommended that they not use it in the first year and perhaps import the controls into the software for next year onwards.
      I would start working on SOX yesterday… time is running out. for u.

  • We are considering Movaris as our finalist in softwware selection. We do not plan to start the implementation until January. We fely making a decsion now is important to prepare IT and project resources to properly implement in January. This lead time will allow us to collect all evidence automatically next year.

  • I have been searching for a cost-effective and easy to use system and found only a few which can really work for SOA. One is by Advanced Risk Intelligence and an another one is by Protiviti. (worth a look) Both web based (easy to deploy and maintain) and quite reasonably priced. (‘Consultancy’ not included 😉 )

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