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  • Hello all,
    This seems to be a great place to learn about SOX.
    I was wondering if I could be helped with a few questions.
    I’m just beginning my research on SOX and was looking for more information. Primarily:
    :arrow: What are the requirements/qualifications needed to become an external auditor?
    :arrow: Are there any certifications needed? Can anyone do it?
    :arrow: Where can I find detailed information on auditor requirements and resposibilities?
    I realize that some of these questions may be simple, but I’ve only been researching SOX for the last day and a half. There seems to be a glut of information out there and I’m looking for ways to sift through it.
    Thanks in advance,

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  • Welcome to the forum.
    In order to become an external auditor, you will need to complete an accounting degree and go to work for a CPA firm. You will also need to work towards obtaining your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license which requires passing a four-part exam and, in most states, having a minimum number of audit-related hours working under a current CPA.
    The best source of information can be obtained from the following -
    Good luck.

  • Welcome to the forum:
    Based on your background and your interests -
    -----you could be working either as an Internal Auditor ( with Large Public Accounting Firms/ or with as a FTE of a Client) - or as an external auditor - work for Big 4 and other large CPA firms.
    There are subtle difeerences - when you are working with a company performing Internal Audit Vs they are performing Internal Audit
    On the ceritifications side:
    If you have a financial/Accounting background - a Bachelors and CPA is alomost a requirement
    If you have Bacherlor and CIA (Certified Internal Auditor - that could do too
    If you are in IT person CISA is almost a requirement. Check for more details
    For general Sarbanes guidelines visit
    Any other questions, please feel free to write to me.

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