Recruiting for Sarbanes Oxley???? 192

  • How are people finding the correct resources for Sarbanes Oxley? Are their many people looking for positions implementing Sarbanes Oxley?
    Does anyone have any idea how it will affect the European Market?
    At a wits end please help…

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  • Hi Sam,
    There is NO ideal ‘one size fits all’ for SOX. SOX is very judgemental and requires a good spectrum of skills.
    I am on my 3rd SOX project now and my background is Business (accounting) and IT audit from a Big 4 (PwC). A lot of the IT requirements should be nothing new for SOX. However, you should select staff that has been in both environments (public practice as well as industry). I find having worked in both , i provide better recommendations as they are realistic for hte business and something I can implement if required. A purely Big 4 consultants will always give you the text book or ‘best practice’ answers/ recommendation and generally they only tell clients ‘what’ needs to be done but rarely the ‘how’.
    Make sure your consultant has CISA/CISSP or similar designation as it would help tremendously.
    Good luck

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