Sarbanes - Oxley Training 211

  • I’d like to take part in Sarbane-Oxley training. Because of the stage of the SOA compliance in my company - Portugal Telecom - my main topics are:

    • how to look for the critical gaps inyour internal control frame;
    • how to adress those gaps in the most cost efective way;
    • how to monitor internal control every day?(look for the best practices);
    • how to control outsourcers without using SAS 70

  • This post is deleted!

  • Have you seen our UK based training course? We would also be pleased to run a special course for Portugal Telecom. Let me know if you would like to discuss.

  • Hi,
    I am very interested to know the reason why Portugal Telecom would have to comply with SOXA. Are you listed in the US Stock exchange?
    Personal interest.
    I had share from them during the first round of IPO.

  • Portugal Telecom has an ADR listing

  • I certainly dump on abreviations: ADR?
    Thanks a lot

  • American Depository Receipts: A negotiable certificate issued by a U.S. bank representing a specified number of shares (or one share) in a foreign stock that is traded on a U.S. exchange. ADRs are denominated in U.S. dollars, with the underlying security held by a U.S. financial institution overseas, and help to reduce administration and duty costs on each transaction that would otherwise be levied.
    Google is a great source of information you know :roll:
    Also check out

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