SOX 404 Compliance Kit 323

  • I’m the Corporate Controller of a small public company looking to implement SOX 404 without spending USDUSDUSD on consulting fees. I found 2 programs that state that they can assist in implementation:

    1. ProCognis, Inc., SOX 404 Compliance Kit (
    2. Cost Advisors, SarboxPro (
      Has anyone used these? Any recommendations? Other suggestions?

  • Problems with these softwares are : they fix-up with certain models and cannot be customised for other complaince requirements. I mean they are not flexible enough.

  • Some info about SOX Tools…
    I am with a small company and in my experience, have had good success with MS Office. For a large company that is decentralized and/or has multiple reporting units, a SOX Tool might be helpful.
    However, a significant investment is required to populate the ‘SOX Box’ with the necessary information and to suit the business model of the Company.
    Hope this helps,

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