Dissertation on Sarbanes Oxley 351

  • Hi there,
    I am currently starting a dissertation on Sarbanes Oxley, and am looking for information on what is of interest regarding this.
    examples of questions I have are listed below
    what are the common problems?
    how successful do people believe it will be?
    What are the cost implications?
    How could it be improved?
    Are there any weaknesses?
    Do you think the US will adopt IAS?
    If you feel you can help in any way please contact me.
    Many thanks Neil

  • Hi,
    I am just trying to do the same over here. And there are not straight references, document and answers.
    I hope you already found some good papers. I advise you to search on ideas.repec.org/PaperSeries.html#B
    Here based on the tool search you may find lots of information to gathered some ideas.
    Otherwise, I would be very interested to exchange some ideas if you believe useful: cunhaangelina_at_yahoo.com
    bye and good luck

  • Estimates: SOX Compliance spending will reach USD5.8B in 2005…
    For a Fortune 500 company, it takes about 20,000 staff hours to comply, the equivalent of 10 people working full time for a year.
    Michael Koss, CEO of stereo headphones maker Koss, says it’s all but impossible to know what the law requires, so it has become a black hole where frightened companies throw endless amounts of money. Companies are spending way too much to comply, but the cost is due to ‘bad advice, not a bad law,’ Sonnenfeld says.
    Steelcase with USD2.6 billion in annual revenue and ACS with USD3.8 billion require 20,000 staff hours to comply, while Dell, at USD35 billion, says it needs about 5,000. Frightened CEOs tend to spend more:)
    Compliance estimates by midsize companies run to well over USD1 million. In a survey by the Business Roundtable, the 150 large-company chiefs said estimating the cost is difficult. Half said it would range from USD1 million to USD5 million. Some estimates came in at more than USD10 million.
    There will be an ongoing cost, difficult to estimate.

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