Annual Shareholder Meetings _and_amp; SOX/Corporate Governance 466

  • Hi,
    Just a quick question. Does anybody know if there are any elements of SOX, or any kind of other corporate governance guidelines or ethics, which provide any guidance on where/when your annual shareholder meeting should be held? For instance, if a large majority of your shareholders are based in a certain geography, is it recommended you have your AGM in that area? I know common sense says yes, but i’m looking for anything codified that relates to this…
    any and all help is much appreciated.

  • NOT SOX.
    The hows and whys of shareholder meetings are normally governed in the incorporation documents of the company e.g. articles of association.

  • thanks much for the info. So it doesn’t sound like there is any possible corporate governance case my company could make for moving a shareholder meeting from one location to another…

  • For what it’s worth AGMs are normally held in, or near, the Company’s headquarters.

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