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  • I’ve got an open ended assignment on sarbanes oxley and I’m trying to pick a topic that I could write about 10 pages on with a lot of fact behind it. Would someone help me decide on a topic
    Here are the topics I’m considering:
    Growth in the accounting field due to Sarbanes oxley
    predicted outcomes of sarbanes oxley
    possible weaknesses of sarbanes oxley
    Does anyone recommend another topic or think any of these topics would be better/easier to write on than the others.
    Thanks in advance

  • I,and probably many others, will be disinclined to help you here because your request sounds a bit lazy.
    Why don’t you show some evidence that you’ve thought about the subject, done some basic research and internet searches and come back with some more specific questions?
    Then I would be more inclined to help out.
    Good luck

  • I’m not asking for someone to do research for me just a little advice about what topics relating to this legislation will have a lot of concrete/relevant information about them. I’m certainly not lazy, just looking for someone who is an accountant and knows a lot about this stuff to give me a point in the right direction. I’m not an accountant and know nothing about this. I’m sure lots of people on this forum are accountants and would have some good advice to give me off the top of their.
    any good samaritans out there?

  • There’s just no shortcut for reading sites like this one (particularly this forum). Your questions are just so general and subjective: you have to do the background reading and make your own mind up.

  • Kysmith,
    Just an idea: I suggest:
    Sarbanes Oxley compliance outside the USA
    Good luck with your research paper.

  • Kysmith,
    Just an idea: I suggest:
    Sarbanes Oxley compliance outside the USA
    Good luck with your research paper.
    thank you very much lekatis

  • I am working in the information security area in NZ and am curious as to the requirements of exporters to the US for compliance with SOX in particular section 404 and to what extent appropriate information security requirements of the sox act must be meet by exporters to US publically listed companies any comments

  • You could take up a topic like :
    ‘SOX and any compnay of your choice.’
    I did it on Microsoft Ireland.
    Look at :
    what was the scenario before and what it is now
    pressure on management , audit committees etc. etc.
    I have recenetly finished an essay on SOX. So, if you want more help, do let me know at :

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