Cash back on SOX efforts 677

  • Dear Soxies 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about how to modify our service offering portfolio to receive some cash back for our SOX efforts.
    I have read the study of Aberdeen Group which deals with internal return on investment as SOX is deemed to improve internal processes.
    But how about marketing SOX to customers? Obviously, if a SOX affected customer wants to be compliant he should for e.g. have some backup contracted. So check the contracts, in case modify them and you’re done.
    But how about new or modified services to come up since SOX is in place?
    Any ideas :?:
    Are there any known studies about that :?:
    Kind regards

  • Forgot to say I am working for a large ICT insourcer.

  • Forgot to say I am working for a large ICT insourcer.
    oops thought i was already logged on … anyway … :lol:

  • I’m not 100% sure I follow what you mean, but we are looking at extending out normal SOX engagement a bit to include a SAS70 statement (we are a software and services provider). The SAS70 is a competetive advantage when selling to customers who must comply with SOX, depending on what the service is.

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