Rationale for Sample Size 692

  • In our test plans, we have to indicate population size and sample size. We also have to give rationale for the selected sample size. In most cases, it is based on SOx guidelines or our main Best Business Practices document, where for a population of >250 for example, the sample size is 25 assuming each test sample passes.
    What other rationale can one state?

  • There are many differnent sampling plans out there for use. a lot of my expirecnce has come from the quality side of injection molded plastics. There we used a either a tired old military standard or the more common C=0. with this sampling plan you choose your AQL and then the chart will show you how many parts you need to look at for you sample size and also your amount of rejects that you are allowed within that sample size.
    hope this helps.

  • Does anybody has got any documentation on this. I just wanted to know more about this.
    Any pointers in Internet to related info are welcome.

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