Is SOX work in the US coming to an end? 758

  • Hi There Folks,
    This forum is really great…lots of good ideas and great discussion.
    I am on a sox project in the UK and am wondering how long there is to go before SOX work on this side of the pond dries up?
    Since most of you are in the US and therefore have had to comply 1 year ahead of us - how is it going in the US post compliance? Has there been a massive reduction in SOX contract / full time work (with the exception of IT).
    Many thanks

  • Two perspectives; it’s waning and increasing.
    Companies, it appears, are increasingly seeking to operationalize their SOX obligations. About half the positions I get emails on and increasingly on this site are full time, permanent positions: CISSM, CISA, Big Four, Accounting and Finance skill sets/certifications, in particular.
    If this site over the past 6 weeks in any indication, business is waking up to the July 2006 Phase II deadline. Jobs are plentiful and companies are paying good money for folks with solid skill sets.
    Best of success.

  • I agree, I have seen an HUGE increase in the amount of positions/recruiters that call me about permanent employment opportunities. The salaries that are being offered are laughable… 80,000 for an experience SOX IT Auditor…hahah and they wonder why we all want to stay on the contracting path.

  • I agree as I’ve been seeing more and more full time, permanent positions as companies are wising up to hire resouces permanent instead of forking out the money to highly paid consultants or consulting firms, unfortunately.
    Anyone know the going rate for FT, permanent positions are for an IT compliance manager? (yearly salary)

  • I have seen a shift in the market but not from contract to perm. The shift I see most often is from the functional audit side to the IT audit side. Most of the positions I get asked to recruit for specify strong testing experience also. The Big 4, CPA, travel profile is still hot though. The looming 2006 deadline is definatley going to have an effect but if the 2004 market is any indication the ‘feeding frenzy’ won’t start until February.

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