Recommended Reading? 778

  • Hi everyone.
    This is my first post, so here goes…
    I’ve just recently qualified with CIMA and am making the leap into compliance.
    I now need to imerse myself in internal audit and SOX before my role commences, and have been looking at books like the Internal Auditor’s Handbook as a starting point.
    Is this a good book to begin with? Is there anything I would be advised to buy for Sarbanes Oxley? I would be grateful for any tips on essential reading.

  • Welcome to the house of fun.
    I’d recommend reaching out to Mr. George Lekatis, SOX Master. Like you, he’s in the UK, if only part of the time.
    Best of success.
    P.S. Denis, who’s also a 5 star SOXer, is in the UK and is very helpful as well. Read through some emails and you’ll pick up their particulars.

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