I have no idea if this is SOX related, but... 804

  • My company sent me and a coworker on a business trip to the corporate office, for which the company was responsible for prepaying our airfare and hotel stay. This past weekend I discovered the hotel had charged my debit card for my stay because the credit card the travel department used had been canceled by the accounting department. It happened to my coworker as well, who happened to be on vacation out of state. Both of our accounts are currently tied up and overdrawn. We found out the accounting department and the travel department knew this had happened, but no one from our company informed us. I spent the weekend trying to find out what was going on and also getting someone to wire money to my coworker. I was told today that the charges would be reversed, that the company had paid for the hotel stays on another credit card, but again, this information came to us indirectly. What does SOX say about companies informing employees in situations such as this? I know it has been not only a hassle and very disturbing, but we haven’t even gotten an apology for what we went through.

  • BN0121,
    I absolutely understand you and I believe that your company should behave better. But this case has nothing to do with Sarbanes Oxley.

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