Project plans, budgets, and status reporting 820

  • I’ve run across some test scripts for ‘key’ general IT controls test for:

    1. project plans and budgets are prepared before developement work begins
    2. weekly project status reports for all projects
      This sets the bar very high, particularly when many of the projects are very small efforts (less than 40 hours). They are typically maintenance and small enhancements.
      I’ve been trying to convince the client to scope them out of the SOX effort because these are not involved in financial reporting. They believe they must show a ‘passing’ score on each test script before they can scope them out.
      I believe it is certainaly best practice to have project plans, status reports and budgets.
    • have you run into project plans, budgets, and status reporting in key IT general controls? did you test them?
    • if you scoped them out, what did you use as your justification?

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