CSOX - SOXBase Certification and SOXPro 907

  • Hi,
    Has anyone considered attempting this certification? And is this certification recognised?I would be interested in gaining a qualification in this area however I am struggling to find information on it other than the fact that it exists.

  • Sam,
    I have taken and passed this certification examination test. I am also a certified instructor located in the Atlanta area and I am holding class in the Atanta area on the 29-30th of January. If you are interested in this course, please feel free to give me a call. 678-247-3616.
    Craig Brown
    President, Powerconnects.LLC

  • I am not really sure about the value of this certification and acceptability. Can someone in the forum throw some more light on these two certifications in terms of value and acceptability.

  • I’ve heard of this as well… the program was scheduled to be conducted by a Sanjay Anand. I’d appreciate views on the value/acceptance of this certificate…

  • Hi all,
    Mr Sanjay Anand is in fact the chairman of SOX Institute in US. He is a very well known consultant. He has conducted several SOX programmes in US as well as in Asia and participants from companies like IBM, Symantec, FedEx, Moores Rowland etc., gave very good feedback on the courses he conducted.
    The SOX certification by SOX Institute is in fact the only kind of recognition in SOX available at the moment. I can’t comment on the exact value but it certainly does carry some weight as you need to pass a SOX exam before you can use the CSOX title.
    Hope the info helps 😃

  • Not convinced that a SOx certification is of any value.

  • Not convinced that a SOx certification is of any value. %0AAgree with u 100%. If you are in IT side of SOX, CISA is the one certification you should have under your belt.

  • Ditto.
    In an earlier post (see above), I believe that the general consensus was that CISA, CPA, and CIA were value-add certifications. The new SOX certifications though might require passing a test, but are not recognized in the industry or are considered when selecting professionals for participation on a SOX implementation project.

  • So what you’re saying is that it carries as much weight as buying a diplom from a university you found online?
    I’ve found that you do not need any qualifications as long as you have a background that in some way can be useful.

  • I do agree that SOX Certification at this moment does not carry as much weight as other certifications out there. However, what I feel is that SOX certification is more of an assurance to employers cause employers may not necessary know your background in SOX but with a certification they are more likely to believe that you know your SOX :lol:

  • What employers are looking for are success stories, not certification

  • As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the major designations (e.g., CPA, CISSP, CISA, PMP, etc.) are going to help the professional more significantly in their career. The major certification programs are far more difficult exams that might be seen as the equivalency of another four year degree by employers…
    While some of the new SOX designations probably won’t help as much from a career perspective, they might offer good training and certainly it’s a little more info on the resume or cover letter to help someone. For example, if I had to take training specifically for SOX at work and could also achieve a professional designation I’d at least look at it. Even though it’s not widely recognized, the training program and course material looked good to me.
    Still, individuals should fully assess both costs and any annual on-going fees associated with these programs. They should research on Monster, Dice, or other employment sites whether they might make a difference – so far I’ve not seen a demand other than for the major designations.
    I also agree with Irqui that a person’s experience, professional skills, work ethics, willingness-to-learn and past accomplishments are significantly more important than any certificate.

  • Ultimately, the guts of SOX is nothing new which is why I see little value in these certifications.
    There is one component that is internal control over financial accounting processes that is ‘bread and butter’ CPA work, and the second is control over information systems which is core IT audit work (hence CISA, etc.).

  • Ultimately, the guts of SOX is nothing new which is why I see little value in these certifications.
    There is one component that is internal control over financial accounting processes that is ‘bread and butter’ CPA work, and the second is control over information systems which is core IT audit work (hence CISA, etc.).
    I have to disagree - ‘bread and butter’ CPA work is not internal control over financial accounting processes. Before SOX, CPA’s barely knew a thing about controls, I had to explain controls to a partnet from D-and-T. Controls have always been the brad and butter of the CISA (and the CIA), heck the word control is in their association title.
    It has always astounded me that people look for CPA’s for their SOX work first. I look for them behind CIA’s and CISA’s. Their are more CPA’s out there now with good controls ‘sense’, but it has taken awhile for them to learn good control design beyond what was once needed to satisfy their Audit plans.
    Frank Steele CPA, CIA, CISA (CISM too, and note I still ist CPA first 🙂
    P.S. Ihave been doing SOX since December 2002, and I never heard of or have seen any CSOX designation come across my desk.
    Now I am working on the NASD’s version of SOX for Brokerages, NASD rules 3010, 3012 and 3013, controls over operations in brokerages. Fun stuff.

  • The institute of CIA is offering a certification on Control Self Assessments.
    But, I strongly believe that CPA, Chartered Accountant, CISA or a CIA should be deemed sufficient to be considered a pro for SOX.
    Arif Khairuddin, CPA, CISA, FCA.

  • First time here … and already getting good info. I figured CISA should be first followed by CPA if need be.
    Part of my problem with CISA/CPA is that I work for an organization that is SOX compliant. Sure I’m the point of contact on the IT Apps side, but that won’t be ‘enough’ for the CISA cert after I pass the test. Hopefully, coming here will help me answer many questions I have.
    Looks like a great deal of good discussion. I’ll continue to lerk 😄

  • I agree – the CISA or other designations that are widely acknowledged and accepted are the most beneficial. Searching employment sites like ‘monster.com’ or ‘dice.com’ are proof-in-the-pudding for what potential employers are looking for 🙂

  • Guys,
    I have registered for CSOX-FL and would like to konw how well prepared I should be. I have read the required book and I am practicing SOX as a coordinator on daily basis. What are the chances of passing the test?

  • I’m a series 7, 66, 24, 9/10. I’m up for a control officer role at a full service brokerage firm. what do I need to know?

  • I found this certification very helpful on a ‘beginners’ level. This course/certification offers a great beginning point for professionals that are just entering the SOX world. A lot of attendees in my class were from companies that were preparing for their company to go public within the next few months. I myself, wish I had found this certification about a year ago while we were preparing for our first SOX audit… Although I believe this course is very good, I also agree that other certifications would be more helpful, depending on your job role or future ambitions.

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