Sarbanes-Oxley Implementation Course. 926

  • Lucian Conway is teaching a two-day Sarbanes Oxley course titled Sarbanes Oxley - Implementation and Beyond.� The course will held on October 26-27, 2005 in New Orleans.
    The course teaches participants techniques for maximizing the benefits of SOX for each level of employee within a company. Not only how SOX can benefit the company but also how SOX can benefit the employees. Participants will learn how to capitalize on opportunities for enhanced business performance during Implementation and Beyond.�
    A roundtable discussion will be held with Lisa Vann, CEO of SOX Briefs LLC. The discussion will focus on straightforward solutions for reducing your SOX compliance cost.
    Visit his website at for details.

  • Sadly, Lucian Conway’s SOX course was to be located in New Orleans in October. For obvious reasons he is cancelling the course. Should he decide to pursue another venue, I will post it on the website. Thanks to those of you who were interested.

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