Temination Quoted Sarbanes-Oxley Act 987

  • My husband was recently released by his company for having a personal invoice on his company laptop for a side job he did, his employer quoted he was released due to it being against sarbanes-oxley. Does anyone know if this is legit? thanks for your help.

  • Many companies have policies which prohibit employees from using company equipment and pcs for personal use. This is most likely the reason for the termination.
    For example, a long time ago I worked for a company where some employees had a weekly football pot where they sold squares for USD1. numbers were picked for each row and columns randomly after all the squares were purchased. the game scores for each quarter determined the winner (USD25 per quarter). There was a company policy against gambling. some employees were caught with an electronic version of the matrix which had initials or names of people that purchased squares. All the people invovled that could be identified were punished. The most severe was a weeks suspension. I’ve also worked at companies where management said it was ok to do the weekly football thing just don’t use the copier to send out it…they actually approved sending a scan version via email.
    It becomes a compliance issue, which is linked to SOX many times, if the company has policies with controls that they are not enforcing. A lot of companies have implemented new policies and may blame it all on SOX.
    The company your husband worked at should have provided some warning to all employees about the enforcement of policies. Many companies provide awareness training or refresher training on key policies.

  • his employer quoted he was released due to it being against sarbanes-oxley.
    There is a good ‘geek’ word for this… LOL
    It depends only on company policies. (Which might have changed because of SOx)
    He cannot use SOx as a reason on its own. SOx will not tell you what to do, and what not to do. It just tells the company to identify its risks and document its controls. (And mitigate any weaknessess)

  • I also dont believe SOX can be quoted for release as such.
    There must be some policy either put in place or modified to accomodate this ( may be because of SOX compliance).
    If the Policy was there and Employees are advised to read them then its sure amounts to negligence.
    But If the Policy was modified and it wasnt conveyed to the employee… Can he be still blamed for the lapse…

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