SEC postpones 404 compliance date for non-accelerated filers 1047

    SEC Votes to Propose Changes in Filing Deadlines and Accelerated Filer Definition; Postpone 404 Compliance Date for Nonaccelerated Filers; Propose Issuing Section 28(e) Interpretive Guidance

  • Hi:
    Does anyone have any ideas about whether the latest proposal by SEC Chairman Cox to postpone the requirement for non-accelerated filers to comply with SOX will pass?
    It is hard to imagine that he would have proposed such a postponement at this late date unless he had the requisite support of the other commissioners.

  • I haven’t read anything that would indicate it’s for certain but, like you said, it seems to be a formality at this point and one would think it’s going to pass. Cox seems to have the support for the proposal so hopefully it’ll delay 404b for another year. As project manager for a non-accelerated filer, I was pretty happy when I read that article.

  • Igor, thanks for the comments.
    I have asked around in various auditor circles and they all seem quite confident that the postponement will be finalized soon. As I am also a project manager of a non-accelerated filer, I was pretty happy to hear this news too.
    Best holiday wishes to all…

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