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  • Hello.
    I was hoping some of you could share your titles with me. I am currently the ‘SOX 404 Coordinator.’ I am new to the company but come here with 18 years of experience in this particular industry. We began the project with a team of 3 but it is now down to me and a project manager (outside consultant). I am responsible for much more than just coordinating our efforts. I interview the process owners, create the narratives, document the controls, perform the tests and manage change control. I’ve thought about ‘SOX Manager,’ ‘Director of Internal Control Reporting’…any other ideas? Is anyone whose sole responsibility involves SOX a VP, AVP?
    Miss X

  • My client created a new role called an ‘Internal Policy and Compliance Analyst’. It includes SOX compliance currently but also includes other compliance activities.

  • Internal Control Manager?

  • Manager - Compliance and Audit
    Manager- Internal comtrol
    Manager can be subsituted with Analyst also. IF you are doing all that work the title needs a change. If u r involved in other activities in compliance and Internal controls in addition to SOX you can subsitute with Director.

  • Senior Manager, IT Compliance
    (Maybe a larger company than some of the others?)

  • During the project it has been
    Now: Internal Control Coordinator
    Prev: SOx Advisor and SOx Coordinator

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