Most important in SOX outside USA 1064

  • I am currently applying for job in a US based company with operations in the Philippines. One of my roles as VP for Finance is to coordinate with the Management Team and the external auditors to start SOX compliance in its Philippine operations.
    Can you suggest what areas of SOX I should concentrate on.
    I am new with SOX and I still have a lot to learn.

  • This is a very 'open ended ’ quesion that it may be difficult to convey all that is needed.
    As one whom works Internationally (Asia, Europe, and Latin America), here are several high level topics:

    1. Financial Application Controls
    2. General Computing Controls
    3. SAS 70 Review
    4. Determination of which ‘applications and systems’ are in scope for Sox compliance
    5. Relationship with your external auditor is key
    6. Past compliance issues and remediation status
    7. Number and location of all data centers
      Hope this gets you in the right direction. It would be more helpful if you asked very detailed/specific questions to allow many to respond to you.

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