Sarbanes Oxley Auditors/Consultants - NJ and Public Accts 1070

  • Hi Forum,
    I work for a company based out of Roseland, NJ called Cohn Consulting. It’s a division of JH Cohn LLP which is a mid size CPA firm in NJ. Anyways my company is hiring for Corporate Governance Consultants. The position is based on your experience and although it’s termed as a consultant, it’s not really a consulting position. You’re an employee of JH Cohn and you’re more a consultant for the clients they have. You get all the benefits as 401K, medical, and dental. I’m currently a consultant and it’s been pretty rewarding. As consultants, we are hired by management and advise management on how to be compliant to SOX. We analyze clients internal structure, identify and remediate gaps, and do followup testing before the externals audit their books. Travel is required whether it be in NJ or domestic, and even international.
    If you have experience as an auditor, financial analysis, public accounting experience, CIA, CMA, Controller, CFO, or anything of that nature, this opportunity might be for you. You don’t necessarily have to have a CPA but auditing experience is required, whether it be internal, external, or other type of auditing. I can’t tell you the pay scale because I’m not in HR. I can only submit your resume to HR for you. What I can tell you it’s very competitive. I think, for the most part, you would have to be based out of the Roseland, NJ office and must be willing to travel. So note that before sending your me your resume.
    They are also hiring for position in the public accounting side of the business meaning financial accounting staff to mid level to senior level to mangerial level accountants and financial auditors. Must have public accounting experience.
    If you need more information or would like to send me your resume, I can forward it onto HR. Email me at

    I’m not a recruiter, headhunter, or anything like that. I’m an employee of this company and I thought I could help out. I know that when you’re looking for a job it’s alot easier having someone submit your resume to HR rather than you going through a recruiter, online, or newspaper advertisement.
    Thanks and take care. Vin

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