SOX training business looking to partner up with 1117

  • Hi,
    I have a SOX training business and wanted to ask the community what are your concerns when it comes to training and what do you need from trainers to help you perform your job better?
    Also, I’m looking to partner up with other trainers to deliver quality training.

  • hi,
    please write back with your contact info and we can talk more.

  • You can call me at 866-819-8055

  • Hi
    I am interested . Pls send me more details at

  • The areas that I have been looking for training is:
    SOX Overview and SOX language
    Best Practices
    Determiing controls and more importantly, key controls
    Documentation (Design and Effectiveness Testing)
    Effectiveness Testing-frequency, who tests, who reviews
    SOX systems
    I’m mostly looking for best practices. I’m also looking for training in the U.S. and would be great if it was in the Detroit, MI area.
    Hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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