ADP SAS70 1118

  • Hello Everyone,
    I’m pretty sure someone here has done a SAS70 review for ADP. Does anyone know where I can find a PDF copy of their latest SAS70 report? I figured contacting ADP would take a lot longer than asking someone here.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  • It is best to ask ADP directly for the SAS70.
    I don’t think anyone can handover a SAS70 for ADP as they would be violating non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. ADP would have to give permission for any such disclosure and then they would question why you didn’t go directly to them in the first place.
    The quickest way to get a copy of the SAS70 is go directly to ADP.

  • You can obtain the SAS-70 Type II at this link

  • Thank you dasadler for the link and thank you ugogirl for your reply. You make a good point about non-disclosure, but I don’t recall ever having to sign an NDA when requesting a SAS70 in my external auditing days. From what I remember, the only restriction was that ‘authorized users’ were the only ones allowed to formally use the report (e.g., for attestations/audits requiring an opinion). As far as distribution, I had thought that there were no limitations to this.
    I’m actually curious now what the real guidance says–does anyone know any specific references?

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