Sr. Compliance Risk Analyst (audit, SOX) 1176

  • We are specifically looking for someone with an IT audit or Sox compliance experience for Cedar Rapids or Louisville
    The Business Assurance team is seeking a Compliance/Risk Analyst to perform as a member of a team responsible for implementing and managing the compliance and risk management programs. This individual will be responsible for helping to implement and perform of formal compliance and risk management related programs and for activities which have an IT compliance component that may affect the enterprise.
    This individual will be a member of a team responsible for the following:
    performing the risk management process including coordination of periodic risk assessments and risk mitigation activities.
    assisting functional teams (e.g. telecommunications, internet and messaging, mainframe operations) with the development, implementation, monitoring and reporting of control processes, documentation and compliance routines.
    assisting with the development and maintenance of regulatory documentation (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley).
    coordinating component of both internal and external audits and state exams for all divisions.
    Candidates should have 2-4 years experience in risk management or compliance, with an emphasis on information technology. Specific skills or experiences which are important include the following:
    the ability to manage medium to large size projects,
    the use of influence, negotiation, and persuasion skills to present new ideas, promote collaboration, and generate buy-in, without having formal authority.
    demonstrated customer focus, including the ability to prioritize the diverse needs of multiple customers.
    the ability to recognize and use information about organizational climate and key individuals to accomplish legitimate organizational goals; be aware of the importance of timing, politics and group processes in managing change.
    In addition to the skills listed above, candidates must demonstrate the following behavioral skills: communication; quality; attention to detail; team work; policies/processes/procedures; commitment to task.
    Please contact for more info.

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