Urgent help needed for a SOX question 1192

  • I am fairly new to SOX, and I am in a bit of a situation. It has come to my attention that the President of the company I work for took out a 3rd mortgage on his home to inflate the financials before a board meeting. The corporation is owned by a VC group, and the president is not a partner, co-owner, etc. From what I can tell, this is a serious infraction of SOX, but I do not know where to find the code, etc. HELP? :?:

  • It’s a bad scene.
    Alert the audit committee, even if you have to do it through the whistleblower hotline.
    Call me if you want to discuss _at_703-980-1747.

  • It’s not a SOx problem if the company isn’t public. It is a management accounting/ethical issue/duty to inform the VCs (owners).

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