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  • Hi there,
    Firstly, I am entirely new to Sarbanes-Oxley but have been reading a lot in the forums - it’s great to see the open exchange of help and ideas.
    I am a SOX project coordinator for a small business unit of a large public company - I was chosen as we have no internal auditor within the business unit and I am the only person with enough experience of all the different parts of the business unit.
    Despite our business unit not being part of the scope for SOX, we have been asked to put in place these internal controls. In my opinion this is definitely a good thing as it is an excellent opportunity to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations/processes carried out in our business unit (being a small BU that is very independent, we have managed to fall a little behind the times) and moreover shall surely reveal opportunities for risk management improvement.
    However, given that we are a small business unit, I feel the best approach is that of a smaller public company - could someone confirm this is the right approach please? Having only just started the project, I missed the download period for the draft copy of COSO’s ‘Guidance for Smaller Public Companies Reporting on Internal Control over Financial Reporting’ and I can’t find it on the internet. I was just wondering if someone has a copy of this draft and was hoping that they could email it to me. I’m not sure whether this is allowed or not - my apologies if I’ve infringed any rules… Anyway, if some kind soul could help me, I shall be eternally grateful. 😄
    Many thanks,

  • Hi Roshni,
    I am also with a small company and responsible for the Internal Audit function. I forwarded the proposal to your email account given. If you have continuing questions, don’t hesitate to write me or post them here.
    Surely, this Forum has enough participants and you will likely get good responses and sharing of resources.

  • Hi,
    You may try the link
    I could open the draft from this link. The COSO LITE drat seems to be withdrawn from COSO website, but the above link should work. If not may be I can send my saved draft to you.

  • Hi,
    Just a quick message to thank you guys for replying. Has been an enormous help - it’s reassuring to know that there are people out there who are willing to help one another. Once I’m up and running, I’d love to be able to return the favour.
    Thanks again,

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