Required management communications 1358

  • As we wrap up our SOX assessments internally, we are trying how to best summarize our results in order for the CEO and CFO to make their annual ICOFR assertions in our 10K. To my knowledge, there is no required internal communication that needs to be prepared. Only the external auditor is required to report to the audit committee and CEO/CFO.
    Our external auditor has pressured us into preparing an annual SOX scope document that addresses our approach to our internal assessment, but I see that as just a way for them to reduce their efforts in ensuring that their workpapers are complete and that we have covered off on each of the areas that they feel is critical when assessing our overall process.
    I know that best practice would be to have a wrap-up document that the SOX team provides to the CEO/CFO in order to get them comfortable in signing the annual assertion as to effectiveness of IC, but is there anywhere in the published guidance that points to required internal communications of a year-end assessment? As we get our leadership team comfortable, I want to ensure that I have not left anything out.

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    Please write me at and I will send you a document.

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