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  • Do anyone of you have a guide for workpaper referencing that you use to train new people in the company??
    Need help. :oops:
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  • I am not familiar with a formal tool or document that provides guidance or can be used as a tool to train new employees.
    However, some relevant discussion and guidelines may be found at:
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  • oooh, thanks Milan… 😄

  • This is an excellent question, as folks often dive into ‘brave new worlds’ without adequate planning or training. Below are some ideas:

    1. What I’ve found as an effective strategy is the ’ train the trainer ’ approach, where you appoint someone to train for a few months, after they have been thoroughly brought up to speed through seminars, tradeshows, and dedicated self study on the topics. To accomplish this you need someone who is gifted as a good teacher and has the aptitude to learn what’s required for SOX compliancy. You will then have an internal resource with subject matter expertise, as a key asset for implementation through your company.
    2. A vital part of an effective training program is senior management backing , as they have to let folks attend classes and take time out of their busy schedules to attend.
    3. Training must be focused and consise . I’d design a couple of two hour sessions spread across a few weeks rather than one or two day long training events, where everyone gets bored. Make it interesting and interactive (e.g., interject some humor and war stories).
    4. Training should be ‘put to work’ as soon as possible afterwards, using the concept of ‘if you don’t use it - you loose it’
    5. Everyone affected by SOX should get at least a 30-60 minute high-level introduction and if an executive is there to reinforce the importance, that can make an impact.
      Training is costly, time-consuming, and requires dedication to the task. However, it’s very rewarding in the ultimate payback you’ll receive from this investment 🙂 🙂

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