Special note to our Site Admin - phpBB Security 1440

  • Hi Alison - I have a background of many years in IT security. Over the weekend, a new phpBB ‘bot’ threat has surfaced and you all might watch for any accounts registered to the name below. I’d recommend banning the user account FuntKlakow so it can’t auto-register.
    I want to make sure one of my favorite forums is protected 🙂 🙂
    phpBB Hack - bot registering user name FuntKlakow
    During the last few days a bot using a name FuntKlakow, has been registering to maybe thousands of phpBB forums. Some speculate that the bot’s owners are preparing to exploit an unreported vulnerability

  • Harry,
    Thanks very much… appreciated.
    FuntKlakow has now been dealt with.

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