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    I am an experienced CPA - never done auditing here, but have ten years of experience in the industry - as accountant, analyst, Manager, Finance Director etc. I want to get into SOX consulting in the mid-west. I have a very good handle on all business processes, financial internal controls, etc. Will my general Accounting and Financial background help me get SOX opportunities? I will be great as a Project Coordinator. I am planning to attend the two day seminar in Denver run by the SOX institute. It is pricey, considering that I will be paying for it personally, but if the day two which walks you through simulated projects is helpful, it might be worth it. I am also thinking of taking the certification exam after that. Am I crazy to throw myself in the field without an internal audit background?
    Someone who is consulting in the field - can you please help me decide before I throw a couple grand on the course?

  • Join the IIA; Institute of Internal Auditors; USD125 a year a deductible. They’re having a two day SOX in Phoenix in June; you’ll learn a ton and yes you’re going to have to spend some money. Sit for your CIA; Certified Internal Auditor. There’s a bunch of other certs that will empower you; CISSM, CISSP, depending on how you want to proceed. SOX has changed my life; I’m back in school pursuing the final 60 credits of my undergrad in Finance, with a minor in accounting and MIS. If you’re a CPA already, you’ve got a get start. The work is fascinating; the people are dynamic, there’s an incredible amount to learn and there’s still money to be made. Search for Geroge Lekatis on line; he’s in London and Athens and offers courses; Dennis is also a guru and both of them are very friendly on line. I have a masterlist of recruiters if you want it and will be more than happy to review your resume and cover letter for positioning and grooming. SOX folks are a really decent bunch. Welcome to the club, Ann. 🙂 Ross P.S. Please send me the SOX Institute link. Thank you Ann.

  • Thanks a ton for your encouraging words. Yes, I would really appreciate your help with obtaining a list of recruiters. I need to update my resume and I will certainly take you up on your offer to review it and offer your suggestions. I look forward to being part of the SOX community. Could you kindly forward me your list to

  • Hello, and welcome to the world of SOX.
    As a CPA, you might already be a member of the State Board of CPA or the AICPA. Both the Board of Accountancy in your State and the AICPA might offer SOX Training to members and non-members.
    Many of the training offerings grant CPE’s that are helpful to fulfill the ongoing continuing professional education requirements to maintain a current CPA license.
    The link below might be helpful to obtain a high level overview of SOX and to locate SOX Training offerings:
    As an initial read, you might become familiar with the following documents listed below. In short, many of the formal training programs and ceritifications offered by various service providers make use of material and guidance found in these documents. Some of the Training Materials offered in a formal course or seminar were developed with consideration of the guidance that was developed by the governing authorities (SEC and PCAOB).

    1. PCAOB Audit Standard 2:
    2. Guide to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Internal Control Reporting Requirements - Third Edition. Updated to reflect PCAOB Auditing Standard No. 2
    3. Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Section 404 - Practical Guidance for Management
      If you have continuing questions, you can always post them here and as you must already know, you will receive helpful feedback.
      Hope this further helps and good luck.

  • Thanks. I do see that the members of this forum are very helpful. That is very encouraging.

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