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  • April 20, 2006 - Wilmington, DE, USA. Compliance LLC, a leading international provider of Sarbanes Oxley and Basel ii training and consulting, announced the addition of new international partner who will offer Sarbanes Oxley and Basel ii courses to C - Level Executives, IT, Risk and Information Security Directors, Managers and Professionals in Switzerland, Austria and Italy.
    ICCE Consulting GmbH is joining a global network of partners that together are training and supporting highly skilled professionals in Sarbanes Oxley, Basel ii and compliance.
    ‘Through our growing list of international partners, hundreds of IT, Risk and Information Security professionals are being trained in compliance in more than 26 countries, from the States to London, to Dubai to Singapore’ said George Lekatis, General Manager and Chief Compliance Consultant of Compliance LLC. ‘Our partners are the most important asset we have. Together we produce highly skilled, well-aware, well-educated professionals that meet the demands of today’s employers, helping them to meet the requirements of legislation, and avoid legal and personal liability challenges’
    About ICCE Consulting GmbH
    ICCE Consulting GmbH is a team of highly experienced professionals, each with many years of technical, business, and support experience in the financial services, insurance and telecommunications sectors, specializing in IT security and global regulatory compliance and governance. ICCE Consulting GmbH is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.
    For further information: E-mail: , Tel: 41 (0)41 768 0337, Fax: 44 (0)41 768 0397
    About Compliance LLC
    Compliance LCC is a leading international provider of Sarbanes Oxley and Basel ii training and consulting. Our mission is to become the dominant player in compliance and provide excellent personalized solutions to companies and organizations of the private and the public sector.
    For further information, contact Lyn Spooner, E-mail: , Tel: 1 (302) 342-8828 Ext 1, or George Lekatis, E-mail: , Tel: 1 (302) 342-8828 Ext 5, Fax: 1 (302) 342-8828

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