Linking Controls to Risks - need Risk template 1500

  • Hi Everyone,
    This is a great website where I have gotten some fantastic information so far. I am with a CDN public company that has to comply with the OSC’s version of SOX (MI 52-109) so we are still in the identification and analysis of controls stage of the process. We have to certify to the design of internal controls by Dec 06 then the effectiveness by Dec 07.
    I am looking for a template (for a manufacturing/retail company) that will help me link my identified key controls to risks/‘what could go wrong’. It would be great if this template has the risk/control linked to FS assertion and COSO objective as well.
    Even if someone has sample risks that I could have, and then tailor, it would help.
    I am hoping someone can provide a link or email so I don’t have to re-create something that has been done 100 times.
    I think it is great that everyone seems to be very helpful and I thank those respondents in advance.

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