Baselining 1507

  • Does anyone have a good example of a baselining document provided by a client (scrubbed of course) or a sample provided by an auditor? We are attempting to assist a client in creating baselining documentation and have hit a wall.

  • Good Morning
    Sorry for the late response. Gimme your e-mail. I can share the Baseline Memo that we provided to the external auditor on the SOX Project.

  • Hi Chiaava:
    I just read this post now… better late than never, right?
    I’d be very interested in reading through your baselining document if you’d be willing to share. As I discussed in a different thread on this forum, we’re going to need to draft one very soon and I don’t really know where to begin.
    Thanks in advance. Albie

  • Please let me know how to send that to you.

  • Chhaava:
    Thanks… if you wouldn’t mind, please email it to me -
    albie [at] astromed [dot] com

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