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  • I’m writing an article on the effect of SOX reporting audits on small- to mid-sized businesses. I was just assigned this article and don’t have any experience with SOX. Although I downloaded the full bill, it reads like stereo instructions. I’m not sure if there’s an overview in plain English I can get a hold of that gives me an overview of SOX. Does anyone know how I can get a quick working knowledge of SOX without sifting through legalese or memorizing the Congressional Record?
    ~Quinn Mallory

  • Hi and welcome to the forums. The links in this thread should be helpful.

  • Hello, Quinn, and welcome aboard
    I agree with Harry…the cite/thread had some really good information; but, i think that your starting out with a doctoral dissertation topic, and would probably be good to narrow the focus.
    Most of the articles have focused on the disproportionately high SOx compliance costs. And, then, the SEC ruled that the small companies would have to comply regardless.
    Also, some SOx opponents are trying to lessen the severity by adjusting ‘materiality’ so that less would be ‘in scope’, but that’s a pretty geeky/technical issue that your readers/audience care/understand. But, that depends on your audience, which you did not mention per se. (Although I would be interested in that article…)
    But then, again, it is 4:30AM and I am (still up and) reading the SOx forum.
    At any rate, if you give us a better idea of your audience, we might be able to help narrow the focus. Regardless, this forum is the best place to start reading and asking questions.
    Hope this helps.

  • Hi,
    The link below is to a simple, yet informational PowerPoint presentation about SOX. Although it is geared to the Accounting student, it covers SOX basics and is written in Plain English.
    Hope this further helps,

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