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    I am just wondering what does an internal controller on SOX compliance.
    What is the specific involvement of an Internal Controller?
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  • Hi Ahmed and welcome 🙂 While SOX compliancy regulations must be met in accordance to the law and SEC requirements, for the most part the day-to-day work in meeting these regulations are an internal mechanism within the company. SOX laws define the requirements and each company must work in a self-regulating mode to fulfill them, with measurements (and usually signoff) from an external auditing firm.
    The SOX Internal controller would provide oversight for the entire program, ensuring that the company is on target in meeting it’s goals and reporting obligations.
    They could function as a team leader or approver in ensuring all SOX requirements are being fulfilled on a timely basis. They would work closely with users, IT staff, auditors, and management in the process.
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    Some possible links internal controller
    Summary of SOX Act

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