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  • I would look at this as ‘just standard inventory process’

  • Why do you think that the client needs to have a SOX audit separate from the work that you are doing for them? It would seem to me that they could rely on any of your testing of controls that they have determined to be key financial reporting controls. No separate work should need to be done just to satisfy SOX requirements if the work that you are doing is adequate. They are likely already testing any other controls that you are not testing.

  • The financial auditors who we have been working with advised me that in compiling the financial statements for a mining company the resource-reserve ‘account’ figures are used in calculating the depreciation, amortization and impairment lines in the financial statements. Therefore the accuracy of the process governing the resource-reserve derivation is significant and should be tested for SOX compliance.

  • Well maybe it should, but not necessarily FOR SOx.
    Generally resource reserves are disclosed but are not ‘in the accounts’, however there are real potential reputational issues that arise and for any extractive industry company this may very well be important enough to document ‘to a SOX standard’ even if not actually required for SOX.
    Look no further than Shell for an example of why this is important.

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    To add to the feedback provided by other persons posting, on 7/4/06, a similar question was posted on this Forum.
    The relevant reply posted:
    ‘The mining industry is unique in a number of ways. As related to SOX and internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR), certain financial statement assertions are more heavily emphasized, particularly those over valuation since the ‘inventory’ is not clearly identifiable until extraction. Thus, the reserves valuations seem to have a significant impact on the balances and other information presented in the financial reports.’
    Additionally, if you conduct a search on this forum using the term, ‘mining’, you will see the related questions and replies. In short, the external auditor is correct in stating that reserve valuation estimates in a mining entity is within scope for SOX purposes and the underlying controls should be tested for design adequacy and operational effectiveness.
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  • The following was posted on 1/10/06 in response to a similar question:
    SOX in the Mining Industry can be quite challenging. Some quick thoughts:
    '* Materials Extraction and Processing requires signifcant use of management estimates and may have a financial reporting impact if GAAP is not consistently applied.

    • Some companies might use derivatives and hedging strategies to manage risk.
    • On AuditNet, auditnet.org/docs/InventoryAPG-Mining.doc, an APG may also be found and useful.
    • Finally, the Mining Industry is a well-developed and mature industry. Previously, the AICPA had developed audit guides for specific industries. You might want to query their publications to see if they have published an Audit Guide for the Mining Industry. If so, it will be very helpful since it will focus on financial reporting aspects, and therefore, useful as a guide to comply with SOX.’
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  • Can I just ask why it would be YOUR responsibilty to ensure that your clients are SOX compliant? I would have assumed that this should overall, be determined by THEIR Finance Department and auditors?.
    Is there any liability that the compan you work for would have to accept if they do not comply and are not required ( by law) to compy?

  • Regarding point 2:
    ‘Many of our clients have various mines throughout the globe. Do they need audits on all these sites?’
    If your client will needs to audit all the sites, it will depend of how significant is each side for their financial reports. Not necessarily all sites may need to be in the scope by thier own, however some of them together mya be significant and will be included. To summarize, it is necessary to evaluate the importance of each location.

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