What does a Test Script look like ? 1729

  • Can somebody with experience shed some light on what this is ? I have been trying to find info and cant seem to find anything anywhere.

  • There’s probably hundreds of definitions as to what a test-script is
    In our organisation, it is something that gives you all the details you need to be able to perform testing of a process / application. I.e. it tells you what control you are testing, how this should be tested, and how many samples you need.
    It’s almost like a manus

  • Thanks for the reply IrquiM… would there a sample script for a test case, so that it givees me an insight as to what the template is like or how the procedure is written.
    Thanks again

  • Control: All invoices are approved for payment by individuals with appropriate approval levels before they are processed and paid by Accounts Payable.
    CAVR Objectives: Completeness, Validity
    Test of Control: Verify that invoices are approved by personnel with appropriate approval levels. This is a daily to multiple times daily event. Sample Size: 25-50. Spread sample between all four fiscal quarters.

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