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  • I started out with this company as an Network Consusltant for about 3 months. Then came a great offer to come on board with the company as a full timer. Then, they hit me with what was the real reason for their ‘great offer’. To be the point person for all SOX IT Management. This has put me in the forefront of what SOX is about and how the SEC official Auditors conduct and go about doing their audits. In the past two years, I’ve discovered that, coming from an small to mid-size company with no structure or formal controlled framework for expediting IT related system accounts to new hires or staff changing responsabilities, implementing changes to current systems ‘In SCOPE’ and so on. It became very evident that we needed a catch all software that would assist with all the SOX directed control requirements. Therefore making it easy for me, at the end of the year to compile from one source the Auditors document (evidence) request. And to monitor and manage all SOX related Policies and Procedures. Because my ‘higher ups’ only put the minimal amount of focus required to ensure a successful audit in order to keep their mitts on real IT Projects, they are not as interested in helping me find this one catch all program I know by now is out there. Could you all share with me what softwares have been implemented within your company that has greately impacted in the most efficient way the process of Managing the Change Control process and documentation, Configuration Management, HelpDesk Tracking System and so on…

  • Hi, welcome to the forums and congratulations on your new job role 🙂
    From an IT perspective, I recommend looking at the SOX 404 and COBIT 4.0 standards (you can search here or the Internet for more ideas).
    Implementing good change management approaches also include policies and standards, so that folks know their roles and responsibilities in the workflow. I always like exploring the business and people issues, while trying to find the right fit from a software perspective. Below are some links to start with and many of the posts in the IT section of the forums might help you as you continue your new responsibilities. Good luck 🙂
    SOX 404, COSO, and COBIT standards
    Software changes Test to Production
    Discussions on Tools

  • You are not going to find a good catch-all program out there at a reasonable price (maybe not even at an unreasonable one). Your first step is to identify your documentation and reporting requirements and the processes that you have in place to achieve those. Once you have done that and given the processes 1-2 cycles to work any bugs out, then you can look for software that fits your needs. Otherwise, you will find software that will have you changing what may be good, familiar processes in order to conform to how the software is set up to function.

  • Thanks for you insight. I will move forward following your suggestion. Thanks again. Mike

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