ACCA or CIMA? 1740

  • I am currently working on a J-SOX project which will probably be a long-term assignment and need advice on which professional qualification would be most beneficial.
    I think I would prefer to go down the accountancy route rather than auditing.
    Would either CIMA or ACCA be helpful when trying to land other SOX compliance jobs in the future?
    Thanks in advance

  • CIMA and ACCA are 2 very different qualifications.
    it really depends on where you wnat to work in the long term. Generally, CIMA are well paid but will work in management accounting and decision making guidance to the Board only. ACCA is more connected with Financial Reporting, but is also flexible enough to transfer to management accounting or more senior roles over a longer period to time.
    Personally, i would go for Chartered ( my own qualification) as this can also be completed within industry as opposed to within audit, but I may be biased.

  • Thanks for your reply.
    My manager is pointing me down ACCA route.
    But I’ll have a think about whats best for me.
    Thanks again.

  • ACCA is the better route for you.
    ACCA is seen as being, more or less, on the same level as the Chartered Institutes and is the only qualification at this level (from a UK body) available outside the UK. it is principally focussed on audit and financial accounting which are the relevant disciplines for SOX.
    CIMA is probably regarded as a lower qualification - although I would say it just has a different purpose which is focussed on mamagement accounting. You would struggle to demonstrate the relevance of this qualification to SOX

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