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  • HI everyone…
    Actually one of my clients register all its NOC’s activities in paper (backup checklist, batch processes, and so on). It may generate some difficults for the auditors and management for incident’s follw-up.
    I’ve seen companies where most of the processes are automatized via tivoli, control-m and others. But I would like to know your experiences, I know automatation is not required - it would be ‘nice to have’.
    Right now, I’m thinking to redefine the Incident Management process to be more detailed and still using the paper registers, but I would like to automatize those registers. Ideas, products suggestions?

  • Hi – I agree that moving from paper to an electronic environment is better, as you have off-site backups, electronic timestamps, and a standardized way of recording daily NOC activity.
    While even a homegrown approach using standard email formats can work, it might be worthwhile to invest in. I’ll share as an example, JIRA which is one of the packages we use. It’s one of several tools out there can be researched to provide automation.
    JIRA home page - please add www and paste into browser
    Incident Tracking Software - possible links
    google.com/search?hl=en-and-q=incident tracking software

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