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  • Hello,
    I am looking for any tips regarding Oracle ICM. We are implementing Oracle 11i, and during the 2nd phase, we will implement ICM. I would appreciate any tips from anyone who has implemented and used ICM as to what are the things to avoid, pitfalls etc. Also, is anyone familiar with Oracle Tutor (which is a part of ICM)? I am looking for the model process documents that come with Tutor, but I am not sure if the documents I received from our consultants are the model documents. So, if I can see a sample document, I can figure out if what I have are indeed model documents.
    Secondly, our auditors (KPMG) have mentioned that they have a library of Oracle controls, which they will not share with us, but they will compare with our Oracle controls with their library to come up with control gaps. Does anyone have a library of Oracle controls which they wouldn’t mind sharing?
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  • Hi,
    I am currently implementing Oracle Internal Controls Manager (OICM). Oracle Tutor is also a good product. It provides written documentation to parallel the process flows within the Oracle modules (eBusiness Suite). I am familiar with this product also.
    If you would like to write me at, I will reply to your questions and we can discuss Leading Practices for OICM.

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