Cobit _and_amp; Mobile Switching Center (MSC) 1782

  • Hi again.
    One tricky question to telecom professionals:
    We are GSM company, which operates standard GSM equipment and systems, such as Base Station Controller, MSC, IN-Platform and Billing System.
    BSC is excluded as too far from IT and not too intellectual… 🙂
    For IN-Platform and Billing System it is clear for us, that it should be under scope of General IT controls.
    But MSC… It is somewhere in the middle… Looks like ‘Big Computer’, but generally - ‘Black Box’ which produces events, which (we are sure) of good quality for processing in other, purely IT-related devices.
    So, question is: Should we include MSC into CobiT scope and try to implement all related controls or it is enough to cover really risky areas, such as cards upload and CDR (for roaming) generation, which, generally, relate to Revenue cycle.

  • So, the answer from auditor (auditors are always right): It is under limited scope of ITGC, but not part of revenue process.
    Revenue generation (starting) point - Billing system.

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