SAS70 Reports on Internet? 1789

  • Is there a place on the Internet where SAS70 reports are made public or do you have to find the right person in each company to obtain the most recent report? Mainly for popular web service providers of financial impacting systems I am interested in.

  • SAS 70 reports are not normally public documents.

  • Some third parties ask for a non disclosure undertaking before they release their SAS-70 to their clients.

  • I absolutely agree with Denis.
    It reminds me a project with a Business Continuity Plan that some employees involved wanted to upload it to the company’s web site because ‘in the Internet you can not lose it’.
    Confidntiality is always a major problem.

  • Audit firms include a confidentiality statement on their reports, where the information cannot be publicly disclousured.
    As far as I understand your question is focused in how could you get comfort that your service provider has a SAS70 report? If that is the question, you will have to ask for it to your service provider: 😉

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