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  • We currently have PCAOB Auditing Standard 2 updated as of May 12, 2006. Does anyone know if that is the latest version as of today (10/11/06)? Is there a website that would let you know what is the latest version or that would update you? I’m in charge of keeping our PCAOB library up to date and this would greatly help me. I haven’t had much success in web surfing. Thanks. 😄

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    While direct links aren’t allowed in the forum, you can cut/paste this url into your browser adding the www portion
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    Standards Home page
    Registration page - no www needed

  • Thanks SoxGuru.

  • There is a revised AS 2, now AS 3. We are utilizing this for 2006/07

  • Posted at CFO.COM, 10/16/06.
    ‘Meanwhile, the PCAOB, which oversees the auditing profession, plans to propose a new version of Auditing Standard No. 2 later this fall. It has shared an informal draft of the changes with its overseer, the SEC, as CFO.com reported last month. The PCAOB has not yet made the revisions public but does expect to eventually release a final draft for 60 days of public comment.’

  • From a PCAOB speech on Oct 17th (emphasis added)-
    While the PCAOB is revisiting its standard with the aim to release a proposal later this fall, the SEC simultaneously is in the process of developing risk-based management guidance for implementing Section 404. The SEC recently announced that it will hold an open meeting on December 13th to consider recommendations regarding Section 404. Because there is great deal of value in these two initiatives being available for public consideration concurrently, the PCAOB is coordinating with the SEC so that the comment periods for the PCAOB’s revised AS2 and the SEC’s management guidance overlap sufficiently .
    If you want to be notified when the Rrevised AS2 is issued for comments, you can go to the PCAOB.org website and sign up for their mailing list of changes to their website.

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