Any testing / walk-through documents 1861

  • All,
    I am going to perform a walk-through testing, I need some examples in what documents I need to use for this testing. Could you share with me your testing experience/documents?

  • hi.,
    There are no -predefined documents that you need to obtain other than the process narrative and/ or flowchart (assuming it is a process walkthrough)
    A walkthrough is a term used for follow a process or transaction from start to finish by observation and validation. Therefore a process walkthrough will require following the narrative and/or flowcharts that have already been documented, and observing the process as it is performed (e.g sales booking - obtain customer contract and review, obtain details of a sales order taken, review documented sales order, observe processing of order, confirmation of restricted access, etc). You will have to basically confirm, that each statement on the narrative is correct. Sample sizes for a process narrative walkthrough should be 1, following the transaction from A to B.

  • Hi Ben - This thread may also help (plus you might want to search these forums using the keyword ‘walkthrough’ and ‘walk through’ - as I found over 20 references for each)

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