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  • Hi all
    I’m a UK business student doing my dissertation on Sox. Although i’m getting ready for Christmas and new year at the moment, come january i will be seeking businesses to survey or interview about sox. It won’t take long but would be an invaluable help to me. so if you could get back to me if you, or someone you know would be willing to help me. Due to the wonders of time-differences the easiest way to do the survey/interview would be through e-mail.
    Hope to hear from some of you…

  • Hi,
    I will participate in a SOX Survey if assurances can be provided about the confidentiality of the responses and if participation in your survey is not excessive (less then 1/2 hour to complete online). It might also be helpful if you can post on this site, the dissertation title, your university affiliation, and/or other information about the scope of the survey.
    Just let me know your email info and I will send you a short message.
    Kind Regards,

  • Thank you…
    I’m studying at South East Essex College and the degree itself is provided by the University of Essex.
    The title so far is Corporate Governance: Legislation or Self Regulation. I’m hoping to look at the effects of Sox on US business and its knock on effect on Europe and its potentil use in the UK. Whether legislating it rewally is the best option or whther businesses should be allow to self-regulate.
    Any participation in a surey would definately be less than 1/2 hours work. However if anyone is willing to a more indepth interview this would be welcomed. The work will start in earnest in February following exams, i just wanted to get a feel for how many people/businesses would be wiling to help.
    Thanks again,

  • Hi Kelly - Welcome to the forums and good luck on your assignment. I’ll also be glad to participate.
    I experimented with Private Messaging and found that it’s not active in the forums. Below is an idea on how later you might repost and share an email address. You may want to get a free ‘throw-away’ email account (e.g., hotmail, Yahoo, GMAIL, etc), just for the survey rather than using your most current personal email address. This can help protect privacy and reduce SPAM
    SECURITY TIP: To prevent ending up getting even more SPAM than you currently have now, folks should posting emails should use this type of format when posting in forums
    name (at) emailaddress (dot) com
    Example: harrywaldron (at) gmail (dot) com
    REASON: To prevent ending up getting even more SPAM than normal, as automated BOTs (aka ‘spiders’) can randomly compute IP addresses and scan website pages for email addresses. Once an email address is found, it might be considered a ‘clean active address’ and added to a list that can be used by spammers. This is why it’s a best practice to never post your email address publicly in a forum post.

  • Harry,
    Great suggestion…I had not considered this previously. Thanks for sharing.
    It won’t be long (probably already being done) before the systems will convert the text message containing the valid e-mail address into a usable email.

  • Hi its me again.
    Its dissertation time… I’ve submitted my proposal and am now almost ready to collect my data.
    ideally i would like input from 5 US based businesses. The aim is to e-mail out the questionnaire for you to complete in your own time, but within 2 weeks maximum. The questions will be mainly open ended regarding Sox and its impact on your business so far. in particular how it has impacted on your companies corporate governance. It should not take more than 30 minutes unless you like writing a lot… Complete confidentiality is promised, i don’t even need to know the name of your company however i would like to know which area it is in, i.e. insurance, banking etc etc.
    if anyone is not willing to take part in the detailed data collection, would you be interested in completeing a 5 minute questionnaire consisting mainly of closed-questions. I need to include statitics in my disseration hence the need for the quicker questionnaires.
    Please help.
    Thanks very much,

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