Is SOX Mandatory for USA Till 2007 Only 1945

  • Hi Friend,
    I have just got a news that SOX is mandatory for USA till 2007 end only , from one of the Chartared Accounts in India. However I asked for the datapoint for the issue…he was unable to do so. I searched the internet but there was no authentic source to get the confirmation.
    Can you tell me whether its a rumour? Please reply with few authentic data points.
    You can also mail me at ayan.chaudhuri_at_genpact .com (please mark a copy at ).
    Thanks and Regards

  • I think your friend may be a little confused.
    Is there a chance that he was referring to the fact it has been that the current audit standard for SOX is superceeded by a new standard (implemenation date not announced yet)
    I would recommend looking at the PCAOB website [url]
    in order to check if this is what he was referring to.

  • I think that you guys in India got confused about the concepts of due dates. All non accelerated filer are required to comply by 12/15/2007.
    SOX is here to stay.

  • Either that or it is wishful thinking 😉

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