European companies with SOX complicance 2022

  • Hi
    Can somebody give me some names of the main European companies which must follow the SOX law ?
    Thanks a lot

  • Yassar,
    if you go onto the SEC website (, you can do a search for company filings.
    Within this search, if you key in that the filing you are looking for is 20-F, you should find a large number of recent filings from Foreign Private Issuers - many of whom are European.
    Otherwise have a think about the large European banks, pharmaceutical and Electronic firms who are likely to be on the US stock exchange:
    Some that spring to mind may be:
    Deutsche Bank
    Another large company in Europe is the Luxembourg Steel company - Arcelor - i’d be very surprised if they were not on the US Stock exchange.
    Just key in names as a search on the SEC website to check…

  • thanks a lot .

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